Unless you’re a full on “Beleiber,” and I’m guessing you’re not, you probably haven’t heard of Justin Bieber’s recent Music Mondays series. Well, every Monday, JB pops a new song up on iTunes, and he’s now collecting them together, along with 5 unreleased tracks, on a digital-only album called “Journals.” The grown-up album title and the removal of any catchy choruses is an attempt to maybe migrate to a more mature style. The releases weren’t that big of a success though. Not even his hardcore fan base seemed to care much; his most recent release, “Confident,” peaked at number 41 here in the US and number 33 in the UK. However, “Memphis,” the newest addition to the compilation, presents an interesting collaboration. Memphis features a verse from Big Sean, an American hip-hop Artist from Detroit, and production from Diplo. While Bieber does his best to sound mature and relevant by delivering lines like “I’d like to give you what you need” and “you’re making it hard for me,” it’s the production that really shines through. Diplo’s ominous beat is really what makes the song; from the rapid banging drums to the righteous snatches of vocal shots acting as the offbeat fills, Diplo is really on top of his game with this one. Check out the track and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section down below.