Photo credit: The Huffington Post

GTA the dynamic duo based out of Miami have been rocking shows from their hometown to NY to LA. With countless shows, remixes, and releases through some of the biggest labels like Laidback Luke’s Mixmash, Diplo’s Mad Decent, and many more, you would never guess that these veterans would ever be apprehensive or even  intimidated when it comes to touring with one of the biggest pop musicians in the game.

GTA were invited by pop-star Rihanna’s manager to embark on a 30+ show on her European tour. GTA were a bit startled and maybe even shocked when presented with this huge decision given the potential for a clash within their respective genres. Even though it may be a life changing experience for GTA to accompany with Rihanna on this huge European tour, it is also a presented a tricky situation to adapt to. GTA shared their experiences touring with Rihanna on a piece in The Huffington Post, expressing their vulnerability, highlighting their concerns, and most importantly sharing their memorable experiences.

GTA takes on this challenge as they tour all over Europe with over 115 crew members, performing in Portugal, Germany, Sweden, even the Middle East. In the midst of their journey they were shocked at how much preparation it took to set up the stages, as most producers are used to standard LED panels and lights commonly found in big clubs and venues. GTA also shared this on their blog stating the following:

“With most of our production being Permanent LED walls in clubs, we were blown away by the amount of equipment, people and time it takes to move the whole rig from A to B. Somewhere around 10 buses and 15 trucks going back and forth between every show if we remember!”

Touring with Rihanna, GTA had the opportunity to get to know the world renowned pop-star a bit more as they mentioned, “She’s a bad-ass, strong chick who plays by her own rules night in, night out whilst putting on an amazing show. The fact that she does this with grace and elegance, in spite of her hectic schedule, is an inspiration and this resonates with her legions of fans at each show.”

After a total of 55 shows in 30 countries in six months, and performing for millions of people the duo have soaked this experience all in, realizing how these past six months had made such a positive impact to their professional careers. GTA also realizes how any genre of music is universal that can speak to most every listener, which they hope some day that their music will also be universally accessible to all breeds of music enthusiasts.

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