I recently attended a show where a nice young gentleman approached me claiming this was his first EDM event. When I asked how he felt about the music, he responded, “Eh. I prefer when people play, like, real instruments.” Fair enough, sir. We all have our tastes.

While I still can’t comprehend why this individual was attending an EDM show if he was not interested in electronic dance music, I began to think about electronic music versus stereotypical ‘instrumental’ music, and how many EDM-haters and trolls often criticize electronic dance music as not actually being ‘music’, dismissing it as being solely ‘noise’ instead. (Isn’t all music just ‘noise’, really?)

And then I saw this.

This talented musician combines electronic elements with his violin to create a mesmerizing cover of DVBBS & Borgeous Tsunami.

Tell me again how electronic dance music isn’t music…