Who knew Ders was a DJ? Or that Adam is a madman with two glow sticks in his hands? Well all is revealed in the Workaholics season premiere where the guys head to a rave. However, they run into some issues along the way. All three of them in full gear; Blake has more kandi than he can handle, Adam stays fresh in his rainbow bell-bottoms and Ders keeps things cool with his Adida’s sportswear, cause you know it gets hot in a rave.

There are so many moments where we can laugh at ourselves, because ultimately the guys are poking fun at us. It’s all in good nature though, think of it as an homage of sorts. EDM culture is gaining popularity and this is just another example of it’s permeation into the mainstream. I suggest viewing this episode not only because it is hilarious, but because they nail the satire right on the head. Be prepared for a wild ride full of music, comedy and a baby shower that takes things next level.

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