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Although it can be argued that Zedd and Classixx stand on two opposite ends of the dance music production world, someone somewhere decided to bring these worlds together by offering Classixx as opening support for Zedd’s national tour.

However, can these worlds really collide successfully without upsetting Clarity fans? After performing a few shows with Zedd, Classixx favorited and retweeted the positive feedback they received.

Yet not all were pleased with the duo’s performance. There were tweets signifying that the group was disrespectfully booed  offstage and claiming that they ‘suck’.




Some fans were very, very confused as to what they were actually listening to when Classixx was playing.



And some took it so far as begging, or perhaps warning them never to come back to their city again.




There doesn’t seem to be any commentary from Zedd himself on the matter, but his music attracts a wide array of fans, from those who respect all different forms of dance music, to teenie-boppers who still have Clarity lyrics as their Facebook statuses. Therefore I think it’s safe to pin this disdain towards Classixx on  Zedd “fans” who sit on the one side of the spectrum.

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