David Penn is one of the superior masters of production from Spain, as he is an essential member of The New Iberican League with DJ Chus and Abel Ramos. From countless collaborations that have turned into worldwide hits, as well as awards for his massive productions, DJing, and Urbana label. He now returns to Toolroom Records releasing ‘A Different Story’ with remixes by D. Ramirez, Simon Doty, and PACT as each remix whispers a different story to your ears.

‘A Different Story’ derives to the dark and thick bass lines with old school vocals, along with the malicious and sneaky synths that lead up to a crisp breakdown to the original beat. D. Ramirez Fully Analog remix is catchy and tasteful bass line that keeps the organic elements of David’s production. Simon Doty kicks it up a notch with rolling bass lines that transforms to tech house grooves and leads to a monstrous breakdown. Lastly, PACT incorporated his different story with deep elements of UK garage sounds. Each track narrates ‘A Different Story’ to one’s imagination and senses. Which one is your favorite story?

Check out each track down below, and ‘A Different Story’ will be released on January 13, 2014 through Beatport.