Beats Music has been a highly anticipated service that is just around the corner from it’s January 21st release. The aim of this streaming service is to bring very personal interaction with radio-style implementation. To give people a better taste and understanding of how it will work, Billboard put together a step-by-step walk through for everyone.
The first step is to get to know YOU. What your preferences are and what tickles your fancy. This is where you pick what genres you like to listen to, but the only thing is to pick all of the ones you like because as of now you can’t go back and change anything. After this a homepage is brought up and Beats innovative learning algorithms are put to work to construct playlists along with help from you. You can help tailor the playlist to what you are doing at the moment, whether it be chilling with friends or working out. Some playlists are built by teams of professionals that have been killing it in this business; they’ll continue in part by creating weekly playlists for Beats. The last feature is following artists and other listeners, with an added feedback function to further allow Beats to individualize your experience.
Some of these features may be changed or added to, due to the Beta version being the only one accessible at the moment. It will be released on iOS, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Sonos and via web browsers. For more information head over to Billboard to view the original article.