Picture yourself on a cruise liner leaving Miami Florida traveling out into the Atlantic Ocean for a three day cruise touching down onto two distinct ambient islands before traveling back again! Ok? Now take that same scenario and imagine it is the Holy Ship cruise with Skrillex, Diplo, Zeds Dead, A-Trak, Dillon Francis and many other Dj’s performing while you cruise about in a sea far far away from home. Awesome!

Amongst the massive lineup of Dj’s set to perform on Holy Ship, Dillon Francis took precedent over them all with an incident that ultimately kept him from his amazing set. “Some f**king retarded girl just poured f**king vodka on my computer and broke it” Dillon screams while himself and a crowd of friends accompanying him on stage try to figure out why they cant get a song off of loop!

Watch the whole event unfold below:

-Chris Wood-


Recently a video surfaced of Diplo’s dancer actually spilling the drink on the laptop. Check it out: