The French superstar DJ has another surprise for his fans, with his new track release on Jan. 20. Named “Shot Me Down,” this electro house track is also featuring Skylar Grey. The big room sound is all over the track, along with a cool sample from Nancy Sinatra‘s track, “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).” Really similar to the original track by her, one can not be sure if it is sung by Skylar Grey, or it is actually coming from Sinatra‘s track.

Although David Guetta showed his skill of clever and creative use of sampling, this big room house sound is the same in every track in the Beatport Top 100. From the man who created “Old School Acid,” I expected something more funky in the beats department. Nonetheless, “Shot Me Down” will be one of the bangers that you will hear on the radio, over and over again.

His track is available on Beatport: