We are more than happy to give you the exclusive track, “Rocket”, from the musical mastermind, Tom Staar, released on one of the finest labels in EDM, Toolroom Records. Staar is the man behind some of the biggest hits to ever hit the dance charts, like “Cheyenne“, “African Drop” and “After Dark“. He couldn’t have started the new year on a better note as this release is one of his best yet. Working around a gritty, electro rhythm, Staar builds it into utter chaos that will leave you in a craze. The little synth stabs and electrifying samples keep you hooked, making you press play over and over again. “Rocket” is an exceptional track and you can count on hearing it very often, especially with festival season looming right around the corner. Listen below and stay tuned for our full interview with Tom Staar coming to you next week!