‘Superflat’ began as an experiment with a tool called Vocaloid – a vocal synthesizer that, in this case, emulates the voice of a young Japanese girl. Its something we’ve been performing for a while now. And, although stylistically quite different than the music we’ve been writing for our album-in-progress, its remained a song we love to play and watch people respond to. -The M Machine

Andy, Eric and Ben of The M Machine have been continually putting out cutting edge and forward thinking music from the very start. Combining Vocaloid with an electronic foundation is nothing short of genius and the result is a dynamic piece of art that could easily prove to be the antithesis of generic EDM. Combining experimental elements of hard techno, electro-house and dubstep, ‘Superflat’ is equally as enjoyable as it is difficult to classify. With talk of an LP coming sometime this year, it’ll be exciting to hear what kinds of ideas The M Machine put forth. Stream ‘Superflat’ below and pick up your own copy on beatport!