One of the distinguishing factors of Electric Daisy Carnival, the Mecca of ravers everywhere, is the festival’s emphasis on its fans. Therefore the documentary on EDC, Under the Electric Sky, will reflect the festival’s philosophy surrounding the importance of the crowd.

Typical of how the attendees of EDC are considered to be the headliners, the stars of Under the Electric Sky are not the famous DJs that perform, but rather a group of friends from Massachusetts, a couple reuniting after not seeing each other, a woman with anxiety issues, and a California man in a wheelchair.

The founder of Insomniac Events, which produces EDC, Pasquale Rotella sits down with the directors of the film Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz to speak with Billboard about the documentary, EDC, and the EDM culture. 

Their goal was to create a movie that depicts what it’s like to be at a festival like EDC, but to specifically gain the perspective from the fans’ point of view.

Rotella continually underlines the significance of the crowd at Insomniac events like EDC, which helped pave the way for the stories highlighted in Under the Electric Sky. Because of this philosophy, the directors sought out stories and perspectives that would resonate with most people, similar to how EDM lyrics, although often simple, are able to be felt and identified with by many.

source: Billboard