Digitalism, the artists behind the landmark Idealism, have released Fahrenheit 32; it’s available for free and you can do whatever to it. In fact, the German musicians want you to:

“[W]e bestow upon you a gift, a completely new piece of music from the Vaults of the Digitalism Music bunker in Hamburg called ’Fahrenheit 32!’ Available exclusively for you to play, download, share, burn, cut to vinyl, edit, remix, bootleg, mash-up, the options are endless.”

This emphasis on allowing growth for creativity marks what’s coming in the future. On their Soundcloud, they state that instead of focusing on shows and their image, they’ll be spending more time in the studio.

All in the quest of producing high quality tracks.

The release is every bit as memorable as a Digitalism track should be; the new sound is less heavy but carries more shimmering and delicate qualities. Traces of the band’s love for rock music however, can still be heard wailing away behind the emotional synth riff and swirling white noise.

With backing from Radio 1 and much praise for their peers, this track may just herald a productive year for Digitalism.