After the massive success of their last release, “Mastodon,” the brothers, Milk N Cookies, are back. Today they bring us their newest release “Bring Da Funk Back.” Once again the duo brings a track to the table that literally has you wanting to get up and go find the nearest club and just dance. Milk N Cookies decided to pull a Beyonce on this one, uploading it to their Youtube channel without making any noise about it; they are letting the track do the talking on its own. Let me tell you, “Bring Da Funk Back” is definitely making commotion and a lot of it too. If this track has anything to say about the upcoming year for Milk N Cookies, we can definitely expect HUGE things. Check out “Bring Da Funk Back” below! Also make sure to <3 the track on Hype Machine!

And just an added bonus for your viewing and comedic pleasure, check out what the twins had to say the last time we got together with them!

And another bonus for you guys, just to show you how Milk N Cooks would describe the song, we’ve added a screenshot of their email describing the track.

Milk n Cooks