With such a wide sweep of the Grammys this year, Daft Punk solidified the fact that both their music and brand are a timeless art that not even a few years of cultural change could age. Although the debate about whether or not Daft Punk’s music is a reflection of the current EDM scene is still at a hegemonic standstill, their influence could be a golden ticket to bringing EDM further into the cultural centerfold. Acting as a bridge, Daft Punk’s success can only boost the success of other EDM artists as the masses interest peaks at the concept of Electronic Dance Music.

As witnessed last night during the Grammys, Daft Punk’s performance was one of the very few that had everyone on their feet. The power of their performance will turn heads, and with Zedd also joining the ranks of the Grammy’d elite, the future looks bright for the now “front and center” genre of EDM.

Why is Daft Punk winning Album of the Year THAT big of a deal though? Why is it such a stepping stone for EDM?

Besides being the first year a dance music album was even NOMINATED for the award, the prestigious nature of the Grammys makes it harder for critics to look down on the EDM scene. We are no longer in the shadows, and as the transition becomes more and more real, our forefront artists are the ones who are paving the way forward. Leading by example, Daft Punk, Zedd, and the dozens of other nominees are making bigger steps to mark EDM’s spot in our cultural history.