With the ever prevailing curse of the time-zones, I conked out before Daft Punk took to the stage for their second televised performance. The next day I woke up to a delightful and honest furore from fans, all proclaiming just how great the show was. Plus there were the usual skeptics, either whining it was ‘lip-synced’ or hilariously suggesting that Thomas and Guy ‘were in the audience the whole time’.

Take your tin-foil hats off folks, there’s no twist ending; this ain’t The Sixth Sense. In fact, Daft Punk had a rather different movie in mind…

Although it was a bizarre experience watching the French duo revealed like a prize in a game show while peculiar celebrities such as Yoko Ono and Steven Tyler ‘danced’, it was certainly a fantastic show they put on. Daft Punk’s addition of Stevie Wonder, Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams only added to the spectacle. However this attention to detail goes deeper than you think.

Visual effects artist Jim LoGiudice has shared photos of the making of the mock studio set on his Tumblr. As we now know (and shamefully add to be told… Have we no faith anymore?) the gold mirror mixing console worked and WAS played live.

“Check out the old school audio equipment integrated into the set… The recording booth is patterned after the “Mother” space craft control room from the movie Alien.”

The sci-fi/horror Alien seems like an odd choice to base your Grammy set on and thankfully the duo didn’t ‘malfunction’ like the android from the film. But you can see below how the retro futurism of the set adds to the music of Daft Punk, who seem hell-bent on bringing the past to the present.

Check out the full photo set on Tumblr:



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