Prepare to be infected if you aren’t already, because Dead Battery of Kannibalen Records just dropped a monumental EP to start off the year. The Devil’s Signature is formed by the latest two creations from the Austrian producer, whom we got to talking to for a YourEDM interview recently. However, before we get to that, let’s get to these drum & bass masterpieces!
The title track comes first and boy does it come hard! A rager to say the least, the damning ride you are taken on in “The Devil’s Signature” is a wild plunge into the deep. The piece moves from ghostly mysterious to ominously epic fairly quickly and from then on the composition develops with a level of creativity that few can exercise. On the next track, “Just For Now,” the energy is dampened to create an intriguing dichotomy within the EP. The power the piano exudes in the intro is heightened by the spacious atmosphere’s and together they keep you drifting along until you are whisked away by the smooth break. Minimal, tasteful perfection is what will prompt a completely reflective experience of raw emotion in the listener.
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Top quality, from the individual samples to the mix-down, The Devil’s Signature is one of the best EPs of the year so far. Don’t forget to snag the download before you join us for the interview we had with Dead Battery, who talks drum & bass, Kannibalen and much more!
YourEDM Interview:
1. How did you get infected by the Kannibalen family?
DB: I first found out about them when I heard Dabin‘s Electropolitics EP in 2012.
I really liked his originals and got in touch with him and he introduced me to the rest of the crew.
After I did a remix for Dabin, I just sent them some originals and the rest is history.
2. Is there an idea behind The Devil’s Signature EP? If so, what is it?
DB: Not really, it all came together pretty quickly. I just wanted to make some D&B. So, I made the lead track and showed it to the boys over at Kannibalen. They really liked and we decided to go forward with the EP.
3. Drum & Bass isn’t as popular in the US as other places, what appeal does it have to you? Why do think it is not sought after as much?
DB: Well, for me drum & bass was the introduction to electronic music. When I was 14, I was all about playing guitar in rock bands and didn’t really care about electronic music. But friends of mine started to throw D&B parties in my area and after I went to few of these I was really impressed. It definitely motivated me to start producing electronic music myself.
To be honest I’m not familiar with the US scene. It seems to have exploded in the recent years and D&B isn’t at the forefront of the movement. However, it’s really cool that electronic music has now grown so much and the american market is exposed to all these new sounds.
4. Is there a place you think dance music is moving to, as far as genre trends or just it’s place in the music scene as a whole?
DB: I don’t really think about things like that and I think nobody can really tell. It’s constantly evolving and there are always new inspiring producers coming up.
But still, it seems to me that the popular dance music is always coming back to the good old ingredient of 4-to-the-floor around 128 bpm. So I’m expecting much more of the same old with a few twists along the way.
5. What is one the most important aspects of the production process?
DB: Giving the samples you make significant names! Always name them by instrument, date, key and if it´s a phrase also tempo.
It´s so annoying to look through your sounds and everything is named with useless names like “weirdsound1” or something like that.
6. What is your favorite effect/plug-in to use?
DB: Well I use Ableton‘s Reverb and the Ping-Pong Delay on all most every single instrument (more or less), so I guess those are my favorite ones.
I don’t use many external plug-ins, but Fabfilter‘s Pro-Q is really amazing too though!
7. What does 2014 hold in store for Dead Battery?
DB: I’m already working on a new electro (like I said: “much more of the same old”) collaboration with Black Tiger Sex Machine which should come out in February and besides that you can expect much more music of all kinds styles and genres.