We’ve heard of party animals but this is ridiculous.

Cash Money Records artists The Stafford Brothers were hit with an eye watering lawsuit this week. It was filed by the owners of an LA rental pad who have alleged the house was left in disarray.

The brothers threw multiple parties, including one which was used for the music video to Hello feat. Lil’ Wayne. The owners have hilariously listed the illegal activities which the Stafford Brothers will be held responsible for:

— “Illegal” service of alcohol

— Pouring liquid nitrogen in the house

— Installing a skate ramp

— Allowing a LIVE KANGAROO to roam the house

In short, they were HOPPING mad.

Aside from the obligatory terrible puns, the kangaroo/ Lil’Wayne/ skateboard ramp party looked UNREAL.

I’m sure it was worth the thousands of dollars: