Yesterday, a club on the Las Vegas strip opened which plans to put an end to what they see as generic, scene killing trends carried by most clubs.

AFTER, has enforced a list of crazy and sometimes hilarious rules for the DJ after 3AM on Sunday mornings and it would likely put a lot of DJs in a spot of bother.

We highly recommend you to read the above list; it carries more rules and is just as ridiculous as those signs they always put around swimming pools, warning against dive bombing and ‘heavy petting’.

The labelling of Martin Garrix as a douche and the ban against any speech on the microphone may be hilarious, however the club’s marketing director was keen to remind that you should read it with a pinch of salt:

“Yes, (the list is) real (with a sense of dry humor of course), and (it) will be posted in our DJ booth…”

So, does this mean to encourage DJs to broaden their horizons and creativity? Or is it a keen marketing campaign for a new club in one of the busiest EDM capitals of the world? Or is this another piece of shameful ‘no-holds-barred’ snobbery?