Among the hoards of stellar releases that are flooding Beatport this week, we here at Your EDM luckily stumbled across a fantastic collaboration between two of the leading Trance talents in North America. While we do love our heroes overseas, we try our best to represent talent back here at home, since a majority of EDM websites gloss over American-made Trance. One half of this collaboration is non other than Falcon, the 20 year old Oregon wonder that has been revolutionizing the classic Trance sound with a refreshing and rejuvenating point of view. We covered his work before in 2012 with his fantastic single of Aquila, and have kept a close eye on him ever since. Since our review, Falcon has gone on and released numerous singles such as Punch, Hayabusa and a particularly stellar bootleg remix to Solarstone & Giuseppe Ottaviani‘s uplifting anthem, Falcons. On the flip side of the equation is the upcoming talent of Redstar, whose established career has seen him work with respected artists such as Sundriver, Onova and Vast Vision. This isn’t the first team up these young lads have accomplished, as they have a long history of co-produced tracks and remixes towards each other’s singles. But now, their long awaited return is met with broken expectations, as they release the stunningly marvelous Lost In A Dream.



Whenever these two artists work together on a track, it produces a certain style of Uplifting that reminds us of beautifully serene Spring afternoons or of one’s self floating through space, blissfully aware of the silence around them. While they might not the power of Photographer or Harmonic Rush, they instead devote those energies into the most joyous and emotional Trance melodies in the business. It starts off with a paired down rolling bassline that’s supplemented with adorable acid lines, cascading ostinatos and faint, but detailed subtitles that adds a new vibrant shade of sound color towards their musical painting. While moving along nicely, it seamlessly transitions into a lovely breakdown, where it provides some of the best freefalling experiences I’ve experienced in a long time. Vocals, butterfly synths and wisps of rushing tones all add to the massive cavern of sound that they’ve constructed and the feeling of weightless becomes absolute. With a sure fire duet between frolicking melodic lines and graceful piano, the forces of Falcon and Redstar grow the melody to astonishing levels of intensity; and the resulting drop completely floors us underneath its melodic might. Euphoria rains down from the heavens and the resulting piano accompaniment that follows is enough to send anyone into pure ecstasy.

Falcon & Redstar‘s brilliant collaboration, Lost In A Dream, is now available on Beatport via Monster Digital, so make sure you pick up a copy today.


Keep the music alive. -Q