At only 20 years old, it’s no wonder that the Argentinian prodigy of Tomas Heredia is causing such a huge buzz within the Trance community. He already has an extensive back catalog of personal works and remixes and his brand of Uplifting Trance has garnered the attention of Armin van Buuren and Armada Recordings. Armin himself keeps special tabs on each step of his career and has stated that, “[Heredia] is part of the New Wave” and “we need more people like you.” Apart from that, the most miraculous aspect of his career is the unique approach he applies towards his projects in developing his own sound. One of the biggest challenges in any producer’s legacy is figuring out ‘your’ sound, because it has to be a sound that’s hasn’t been explored by others. Creating something from thin air isn’t easy to do and even after you have your own style, it’s a challenge to make it stand out among the rest. Heredia‘s sound offers a fresh blend of youthful optimism and pride in his works and his younger, hopeful Trance sound has brought about some of the best examples of emotional Trance in the last couple of years.



With the recent James Dymond collaboration of Sao Paulo still fresh in our minds, he has now completed the follow up track to his spellbinding single, When I’m With You. Personally, When I’m With You has always been one of my all time favorite tracks by him, as it showcases an unusually euphoric sound that hauntingly pierces the emotional aspect of Trance straight to my heart. There really hasn’t been a piece like that since then, but that has finally changed with his new single, entitled Memories Of You. This track has completely captivated my soul in a mesmerizing rollarcoaster ride of raw, euphoric power. Just like before, there is just something that I can’t put a finger on that makes this track beautiful in every sense of the word. Maybe it’s the abundance of pads and complex chordal arrangements, or maybe it’s the perfectly engineered layers of synths that creates such a rosy and consistent sound. Maybe its the heart stopping breakdown with luscious string sections, marvelous long notes and that incredible Balearic guitar. I don’t know and I don’t want to find out what makes this track stand out. I feel that providing an intricate, detailed analysis of this piece almost takes away that magical spark that inspires and creates unbridled moments like these.

This track has something special, something really really special inside of it, that is so unbelievably rare to find nowadays. It touches us in places that have long been forgotten and captivates us to believe in miracles and dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. When that electrifyingly magnificent drop hits and the weight of the world seems to sink off your shoulders, we feel free. Completely free from others, completely free of the problems of the world and completely free of ourselves. All that exists at that moment is the music and the soul, blissfully united as one entity of everlasting beauty. In one word: ascension.

Tomas Heredia‘s astonishing new single, Memories Of You, is now available to purchase on Beatport via Aropa Records, so make sure you grab this amazing Trance track today.


Keep the music alive. -Q