Boston’s NU.F.O. is making lengthy strides for what at a glance seems like a simple production duo. However, they are much more than that; the innovators EP1C and Moses are disregarding the genre boundaries while also combining audio and video projects into one mega multimedia present. Delivered in monthly parcels, we have already given you one track from the upcoming album (which you can find here) and today we have another with their original “Still Amazed.”
The various styles that went into conjuring up this composition is seemingly endless. You find a hint of everything from indie, to dubstep to pop. Along with the song comes the coinciding chapter of the album-long music video that will be out later this year. We sat down with the guys to get a little bit more information about this project and what it’s all about. Kick back, enjoy some awesome music and read through our talk with NU.F.O.


YourEDM Interview:

1. What made you guys want to put together another album?

We’re both stricken with an unquenchable desire to create. It’s just part of who we are. But we also haven’t fully realized our vision for NU.F.O. yet. This project is a journey for the both of us to make something unique that resonates with people in a way that our heroes’ art has resonated with us. This album is just one more step towards completing that mission.

2. The video project is a big endeavor as well, care to elaborate on what it is exactly?

Before actually sitting down to begin writing in the studio, we had decided to make this record a concept album. We mapped out a loose plot ahead of time and wrote the music and vocals to support it. Our plan for the album release is that, rather than putting the record all out at once, we’re going to put out one song a month, so that each one gets its due. Each track will be dropped alongside a short video directed by our friend, Emmy winning filmmaker Torey Champagne. Tor worked with us to create a series of vignettes that reflect an interpretation of this concept album’s narrative. So the album’s story will be unfolding both audibly and visually.

3. What kind of music can we expect to hear on the album?

We’re incredibly inspired by what’s happening in the Dance music scene right now and our love knows no genre boundaries. On this album you’ll hear shades of Electro House, Drum n Bass and Dubstep, among others, but we’re also very inspired by Pop, Rock and Hip Hop and try to bring all of those influences together to create something that isn’t quite like any one of those genres but is like all of them at the same time. As with all of our music, there is a focus on vocals and the songs are crafted around them.

4. Have you guys collaborated with any producers for tracks on the project?

We’ve collaborated with just one producer for the album proper and that is The Bolivian Marching Affair or TBMA. Those dudes are our good homies and we had such a blast working with them in the past, we had to do it again. They joined us on a track called “Don’t Bail Out”.
As an extension of the album though, we’re actually lining up a remix for every song on there which we’ll be releasing roughly 2 weeks after each original track comes out. The first came out in January from Bamboora who unleashed a huge Melbourne Bounce take on “No Rest, No Sleep”. We’ve got Blunt Sinatras on deck with their incredible “Amazed” remix, which will be coming in mid-February. The rest are still to be announced but we can’t wait to share.

5. Who are some of your guys biggest influences?

Just like our music, our influences run the gamut of genres. This list could go for ages but we’ll try to whittle it down to those who’ve had the largest impact on us: Justice, Deadmau5, Kid Cudi, Deftones, GTA, Kaskade, Camo & Krooked, Wu Tang, Zedd, Knife Party, Bjork, Above & Beyond, Flux Pavilion, Nero, Kanye, Keys n Krates, etc.

6. What is it about Reason that is so appealing to you?

Coming from the band background and working with actual amps, effects, etc, Reason feels similar in the way that it’s a simulated hardware rack with animated cables and routing and connecting things feels similar to real life. This led us to using Reason in previous projects so when it came time to select our main DAW for this project it was only natural to stick with what we were comfortable with. Despite being equally proficient in other programs like Ableton Live or Sonar which, we sometimes need to use for collaborations, the sonic capabilities in the newest version of Reason have helped shape our unique sound. The company, Propellerhead, have also been tremendously supportive of us as artists and we have built a great relationship with them.

7. What’s your guys’ performance schedule look like for the year?

Honestly, we’re just focused on the task of sticking to our release schedule right now since the entire project isn’t 100% in the can just yet. We’ve still got work to do! We do have one big show planned in April at the House of Blues in Boston but aside from that, you probably won’t see us out until the Fall.