Just because you haven’t heard of an artist before does not mean they aren’t worthy of listening. In fact, it probably means you should give them a shot. Well, today I bring to you not only music, but a Your EDM interview with the Polish producer Bastian Salbart who’s up and coming status is not indicative of his music production abilities. You’ll soon find out, because the ride you are taken on in his Can People Fly EP is a fun one.
Can You Fly is set for release on February 17th via High Contrast Recordings, but streaming of the two records that make up the EP is available today. First is the electro house title track that fits more in line with the basshead side of me. It’s a big one; it’s one of those tracks you’d specifically remember from a set because of it’s energy and it’s tasteful composition. Answering the question posed by the title track is “Yes We Can.” This trancey progressive concoction embodies what it would feel like to fly – the liberation, the amazement and the comforting fact knowing there’s no need to come down.
Along with the EP we have an interview we had with Bastian. Find out more on the project, High Contrast Recordings and what else the artist has in store!

Your EDM Interview:

1. How did you first get into music production?

Everything started with a silly software called Dance eJay 2 (perhaps some of you had some experience with it as well). But I got tired of stacking blocks very quickly and started looking for something more advance, where I could actually make own music. I bought a CD with Fruity Loops 3 demo and I got familiar with it very quickly! Till this day I use FL. It make my work fast and the process simple.

2. What challenges/benefits are there from the fact you come from Poland?

I think there’s more disadvantages in living in a country that doesn’t have so professional and evolved music industry. When you live in Western Europe (Netherlands, Spain, UK) or North America you have all the biggest brands in our country, use the same language, etc. So once you get there, it’s easier for you and them to proceed with things. And very often, the big brands are more keen to help out/work on regular basis with artists from their country. On the other hand I’m lucky enough to have someone looking after my career, so I will not complain so much, as so far everything is looking like it should be at this stage.

3. What was your goal with the “Can People Fly” EP?

I wanted to create two tracks that will be kinda different from each other, but still they’d be sitting on the same music genre shelf. First I came up with “Can People Fly” where we are dealing with an aggressive sound but also with catchy (I hope) melody. Secondly “Yes We Can” was born, where title answers to the question posed. We have here a deep bassline, reverbs, atmospheric breakdown and uplifting melody (which, I imagine, reflects feelings of person who just found out that is able to fly)

4. How did you first get involved with High Contrast Recordings?

My tracks have been heard by the right person, at right place and right time;) One More Day EP, that has been released in Oct 2013, was the first material heard by A&R from Be Yourself Music (company that runs High Contrast Recordings and other labels like Fedde Le Grande’s Flamingo Recordings, Marco V’s In Charge Recordings, Gareth Emery’s Garuda, Big & Dirty, etc) and this is how we have started.

5. What is it like working with them.

Simply friendly relationship with lot of professionalism. We talk freely, we respect each others opinion. I think this is the right approach and I like the relationship so far.

6. What does 2014 will look like for Bastian Salbart?

Most importantly, I will not slow down and will keep delivering tunes that, I believe, people will like to listen and dance to. Even before my first release in 2014 (Can People Fly EP to be released on 17.02) I have already like 3-4 tracks finished and approved by the label for future releases. So the best way to be up-to-date with stuff is to keep up with my Facebook from time to time.