Mobile application designer Jonas Norberg has been diligent at breaking into the mobile DJ culture. His first two products, a DJing app for the Blackberry tablet and The Pacemaker, a sleek $850 beat making app, both flopped after poorly chosen partnerships and a flooded market. Since these failed attempts, Norberg has finally landed on a design that will surely be utilized by music fanatics all over the world.

His latest venture is an upgraded version of the original Pacemaker mobile DJing app, although the new Pacemaker will be available for free  and will have access to Spotify’s library of over 20 million tracks.

Compared to other premium mobile apps such as Traktor or DJay, the Pacemaker has a much more streamlined designed and is meant to be accessible for amateurs to veterans. Additional functionality, such as effects and filters, can be purchased separately.

Head over to the Apple iTunes store to give the Pacemaker a spin (link) and let us know how it stacks up.

Source: The Verge, Spotify