Let me ask you a question: do you love bass? Of course you do! And you’re going to love it even more once you get an earful of Devin Kroes (formerly known as Rebirth) WALA‘s new EP, ‘Fade to Grey’.

Combining elements of trap, glitch-hop, and world music, these two up and coming bass purveyors have crafted an absolute masterpiece. Chugging synths, driving 808s, and haunting melodies fill the EP from start to finish. “Asha” is one of the grittiest trap bangers I’ve ever heard and “Zaidie” will show you the true meaning of the word “gypsy-crunk”.

‘Fade to Grey’ is available as a Free/Name Your Price download. So, if you’re feeling the vibes, make sure to grab the EP and show these bass sprites some support!