Last week, we reported that Tomorrowland may cut down its festival from two weekends to one due to complaints from residents in the surrounding village. Originally, the residents of De Schorre, Boom had signed a petition to cancel the second weekend and were going to take ID&T, the festival’s organization, to court.

But court may not be up ahead for either party so soon. On a Fleming television show called Reyers Laat, Griet Cnudde — the lawyer representing the residents of De Schorre — has stated that she would like to negotiate with ID&T to find a solution rather than take matters directly to court. Cnudde, however, adds that she “[doubts] whether the noise can be reduced so that the people in the neighborhood can sleep.”

Holding a specialization in property law, Cnudde isn’t new to fighting against large-scale events. Last April, she headlined the news when she won a case to move a famous Belgian fair, Sinksenfoor, to a new location after complaints of noise and nuisance. “I’m sure I’ll now be branded as an intolerant spoilsport, but that doesn’t bother me,” says Cnudde. With regards to Tomorrowland, she continues, “I’m as fond of a good party as the next person, but forcing people to walk around with bags under their eyes for two weeks isn’t really on.”

Source: Flanders Today, Entertainment Business

Photo Credit: Tomorrowland