Looks like Mat Zo is riding the coattail of success and critical acclaim spawning from his debut album Damage Control. This is the album that brings the best of the British producer, shining a bright spotlight on his efforts for the world to see. Songs like “The Sky” and “Easy“, which released before the album and later made their way into it, were met with much positive criticism and became signature tracks in Mat Zo’s live performances. However, with his latest singles “Pyramid Scheme” and “Lucid Dreams“, what other song is Matan Zohar to pick as his next single?

Well, Mat has decided. One of the many songs Mat dropped in his 2013 Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 included a mesmerizing song laced with a rolling synth and beautiful vocals called “Only For You“. At 114 beats-per-minute, Rachel K Collier takes listeners on a journey through an ever-evolving set of synths and lightly-chopped vocals ending in audio-bliss. Check out the preview below, prepare for the official remix package release on February 18, and tell us what you think in the comments.