Hot off the release of their single Bassline KickinPegboard Nerds are back with an incredible FREE remix of Adventure Club‘s beautiful single Wonder. The intro features spacey, uplifting synths intertwined with glitchy vocal samples and a pounding kick that build up and drop into monstrous electro tune that is sure to have everyone on the dance floor grooving. With this remix, Pegboard Nerds manage to maintain the unique feel of the original while putting their own spin on it; this is precisely what artists should be trying to accomplish with their remixes and in my eyes Pegboard Nerds are masters of this craft (e.g., their Krewella remixes).

Considering the past two releases, it’s safe to say that the Nerds have been experimenting with a lot of different sounds. I have to commend Pegboard Nerds for not being afraid to go outside their comfort zone, even though it may alienate some of their more hardcore fans, because that’s the only way artists in this scene can evolve; this is still the Pegboard Nerds we all know and love, just with a bit of a different twist and I have to say I’m absolutely loving it! What are your thoughts on the matter?

Check out the track below and don’t forget to grab the FREE DOWNLOAD!

h/t: ThisSongIsSick