To start things off I just have to say that Aero Chord‘s New Breed EP Part I is one of my favorite EP’s of this year. The High Intensity Records release is next level for multiple reasons; each song pushes the envelope to a point where few others can reach. The hybrid trap sound is something that is very special and Aero Chord implements his top quality sound design into major productions that should inspire other producers to try and take things a step up.

Four tracks total make up Part I and no matter how far away Part II is, these will be continuously played until then. “Ricochet” introduces the listener to the New Breed in epic fashion. The light-hearted intro is shattered by a bass heavy drop with some of the dirtiest staccato growls I have heard. You just have to get down to this; there are no other options. If you are looking for a spastic time, then “Chord Splitter” will be more inclined for you to just straight up lose it completely. It appeals to the crazy in all of us and it even has a hardstyle section; what’s more fitting?

Next we get into the darker side of the EP, with two war inspired records. If I had to pick, I think the next one, “Warrior of the Night,” would have to be my favorite. The combination of the various bass samples with the perculator melody and all the little details make this one an absolute champion. “Warfare” finishes things off; it’s a soul-gripping production that almost feels like it has some neuro-hop influence. It caps the EP perfectly with it’s ominous vibes and unique sound. Purchase Aero Chord‘s EP on Beatport and enjoy some really, really great music.

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