It’s nice when Pasquale Rotella releases personal statements about the matters he must deal with in being the founder of Insomniac, even if they aren’t entirely upbeat. So was the case with his latest proclamation via Facebook where he addressed multiple topics like the postponing of Wonderland events in Southern California (San Manuel specifically) and expanding Beyond and Nocturnal to Las Vegas. Gotta take the good with the bad, right?

With Insomniac having the cache of festivals that it does being driven by someone who is essentially just a lover of dance music (not to downplay his obvious roles and talent), someone like you and I, you can expect Pasquale is doing all he can for the festival goers. Even for the people who would be missing out in San Manuel will have a new experience that is custom fit for the smaller size. There is no need to worry because these events will still have the Insomniac touch.

Pasquale also teased us with the notion that Hard Summer will be announcing some news tomorrow!