After almost eight years since the release of their first track, Duck Sauce’s much anticipated album finally has a release date in sight. Singles like “It’s You”, “Radio Stero” and of course their earlier singles “Barbara Streisand” and “aNYway” will establish a familiar context for the remaining eight never before heard tracks on the LP. Without a doubt the expectations are high for this release but if anybody is up to the challenge it’s Duck Sauce.

A-Trak and Armand Van Helden have clearly been planning the release of Quack for quite some time, and the clever video clip well accompanies the tracklist and pre-order link. With the official release due April 18th, it can be said now without a doubt that this album will be filled with the electrifying disco energy and masterful sampling that Duck Sauce is known for. If you follow the iTunes link, you can hear short previews of each track, which has only got us even more excited for the full album.

1. Chariots of the Gods
2. Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph
3. It’s You
4. Goody Two Shoes
5. Radio Stereo
6. Anyway
7. NRG
8. Everyone
9. Ring Me
10. Barbara Streisand
11. Spandex
12. Time Waits For No One