When you think of genres that work alongside EDM, Celtic folk music probably isn’t the first that comes to mind… or the second, or the third, and probably not even in the top 100. Well, think again, because MDK and Neowing just teamed up and blended the two genres to form a beautiful Celtic/electro house/dubstep baby named “Baelfire”.

I’ve been a gigantic MDK fan ever since he first graced my ear drums with the mind-blowing moombah banger Syndrome. He continued to prove himself as one of the most talented young talents on the EDM scene when he released his album Jelly Castle a few months back. And with “Baelfire, the 22-year-old Winnipeg native continues to build on that momentum.

Listen to “Baelfire” below, and head over to Beatport to purchase the track – released by Audiophile Live – along with remixes from Yugen and Kanevsky.