Dabin‘s Ghost Hack EP is here. It’s ready to blow your mind, and I think it’s also ready to climb the Beatport charts pretty quickly. We previously previewed on of the tracks with an interview I had with Feint, the producer who collaborated with Dabin on “When You Return.” The now-delivered EP is more on the lighter side of the Canadian producer’s repertoire, but bassheads need not fret, because there is still plenty of bass to go around.

The title track is Dabin‘s solo work of the complextro variety whose chorus juxtaposes Mr. Clean with Dirty Harry, so to speak. The light-hearted synths mingle incessantly with the aggressive bassline, but that comes after the powerfully uplifting introduction sets the climax up. It’s a damn good, fun record that’s destined for the longhall.

Feint comes into the project with his help in concocting the drum & bass track “When You Return.” The tender vocals are provided by the indie/folk artist Daniela Andrade who, like Dabin, hails from Canada. The feels on this one are major; the melody the synth provides touches your soul and creates a real vibrant experience within the listener. Remember how I said drum & bass? Well, the second drop leaves a little surprise, so I’ll hinder my excitement and let you guys get to the jubilant sounds that make up Dabin‘s Ghost Hack.

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