It’s getting harder and harder to reach out to fans or get new attention in a lasting way, but one method whose demand is steadily rising is the use of cinematic works. Whether it be promos, music videos, event trailers/recaps or even art videos, Confuze Studio has you covered. Their options are limitless due to services is not only filming, but 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics and other special effects that will grab an audiences attention; it could even attract new fans.

Confuze’s mission is to bring the world together. Chief of Operations, Kenneth Hover, has brought something really special to the table with a focus on utilizing the newest tools, as well as pushing the limits of what can be imagined. With a track record like they have on their website, you can see they have some amazing projects already completed. A comprehensive reel has also been put together that you can view below; it’s pretty damn good. Although the operations are run from the Netherlands, don’t forget that doesn’t matter. We’re all here on the same planet and we can work together.