For the past few weeks, I have been working at a small law office. My sole work activity is to scan documents, individually. One. At. A. Time. That’s all. I can safely say that over the past three weeks, I have scanned over 9,000 individual documents. Can you understand how mind-numbing that is? Thankfully, with all of that time, I was able to go through a lot of my library and rediscover some albums that helped make the work day not so… well, shitty.

This list is subjective and in no way serves to act as a be-all, end-all list of greatest albums.


1. Monday: Azedia – Life Goes On

It’s Monday. First day of the work week. Boooooo. You still don’t really have the energy for this crap, so you want something to kind of mellow you out, as you down your 3rd cup of coffee at 11:55 am. No better than Azedia to do the trick, whose album Life Goes On is filled with melodic, downtempo and lyrical tracks. They go hard… but subtly.

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2. Tuesday: she – coloris

It’s Tuesday, so you’re feeling like getting to work. You still don’t want to, but you figure it might be a good idea. Born in Poland, Swedish in nationality, Japan-adjacent, Lain Trzaska, aka she, definitely has a way with sound. Chiptune and electrohouse are his wheelhouse, but don’t expect it to be the same that you’ve always heard. It’s got real groove to it, and the house side kind of pales in importance.

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3. Wednesday: C2C – Tetra

Humpdaaaaaaaaaaaay! You’ve finally reached the midpoint of the week and you’re feeling like you’re almost to the weekend. Not quite yet, don’t get ahead of yourself. Check out C2C to keep your spirits way up high. This French quartet of turntablists have an especially unique sound. Ever hear a harmonica in a track? No? You’re about to. Ever hear of electro-GOSPEL? My, you’re in for a treat.

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4. Thursday: Nero – Welcome Reality

One day until the weekend. We’re starting to make plans, if we haven’t already. We need some really introspective shit to get us in the mood for the extreme extroversion on Saturday and Sunday. Who better to get us into the right mindset than Nero? I still consider Welcome Reality to be one of the finest albums ever composed. And I use that term literally – it is truly akin to a symphonic creation and one that I hope the trio are able to at the very least match for their sophomore album.

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5. Friday: Feed Me – Calamari Tuesday

IT’S FRIDAY. It’s finally the last day of the work week (if you’re fortunate), and you need something to get you into the mood for whatever you’re doing tonight. Calamari Tuesday found itself in my personal Top 5 albums of last year, and for good reason. Variety, quality, originality, it’s got it all. Jon Gooch always outdoes himself and I’m happy that he took so long to come out with this piece of work and put all the right touches on. Enjoy your weekends, everyone.

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