Late last night, Yasmine from Krewella hosted an impromptu Ustream session where people could ask her questions and she would try to respond only in song; she recently started playing the piano so this was an opportunity for her to practice while still managing to have a little fun on a Saturday night. Before I continue, I want to emphasize just how incredibly awesome it is that Yasmine decided to do this when she was hanging out at home alone this past weekend; this wasn’t a highly publicized event, it was a purely genuine and spontaneous way for her to interact and connect with her Krew on a deeper level in a more intimate setting. I will always stand by my belief that Krewella is more dedicated to their fans than pretty much any other act out there and this only serves to further cement that sentiment in my heart and mind.

During the stream, one person asked Yasmine about Krewella’s second album, which hasn’t been officially announced just yet; considering the incredible success of Get Wet, most people assumed that it was in the works. Yasmine responded that it’s coming along very well, especially since they haven’t been touring all that much over the past couple of months so they’ve been able to spend a lot more time in the studio. She also said something in the vein of, “it kind of sounds like rock, if you guys like rock, but we won’t forget EDM.” Maybe this means that the new album will take us back to bass-heavier days of their Play Hard EP; I know that would please a lot of their more hardcore fans out there (myself included), but only time will tell.

Unfortunately, only the first six minutes of the stream (embedded below) were recorded and mention of the album came later on so you’re just going to have to trust me on this one; as Your EDM’s Resident Krewella Expert, I hope you know I would never steer you wrong when it comes to the Krew.

P.S. 174 or bust

Apparently Yazzy still had a pretty good time despite all the laughter on our end:

Here’s a YouTube embed of the clip if Ustream isn’t working for you: