First played during his “Armin Only — Intense” shows in Amsterdam, the new long-awaited Gaia tune remained a secret for months, leaving fans yearning for an official release date. Well, it’s finally been released!

At A State of Trance 650 in Moscow, Armin Van Buuren (who is Gaia, by the way) revealed “Empire Of Hearts,” and its impact has been huge. The tune is an extremely melodic trance banger featuring the classic Gaia style that people have come to know and love. With the burden of following up Gaia classics such as “Aisha” and “Stellar,” “Empire Of Hearts” doesn’t fall short. Crispy, snappy drums, an electrifying bass-line, a euphoric stadium-shaking melody that’ll keep the crowds on their feet — Empire Of Hearts has it all.

Check it out, and be sure to share your thoughts via the rating and comment sections down below.

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