After publishing the “Alien Ride” app along with a countdown to an unknown product/service in a locked folder, and announcing the second Mothership tour, Skrillex‘s last piece of news is here. The mentioned countdown is over, however the secret folder was not revealed yet, because another countdown has been put in place after you beat the game. However, it has come to light that what is in the folder is an album entitled Recess.

Recess, although never officially announced, has been something fans have been waiting a long time for. The die-hard Skrillex/OWSLA fans have been lucky to experience what it’s like when Sonny takes the managerial reigns, but their ultimate gift is coming March 18th when this album becomes available according to a phone call with a Best Buy employee. Eleven songs make up the project that has, in it’s last secret minutes, been revealed and prodded by hackers, Redditors and conspiracy theorists alike. So much craziness and suspense all for someone who just wants to put out some inspiring music.

UPDATE: It seems there are more countdowns than the two we noted. Whoever does the marketing for Skrillex sure likes to torture people. As of now, we are guessing there will be countdowns for each song on the album until it is fully out!

Track 1:

Track 2: