As I have driven through Hollywood here in Cali for the past few weeks, I have seen an absurd amount of signage plastered all over various structures ranging from billboards to bus stop awnings and even draped across buildings that all promote some of the most prestigious nightclubs in Las Vegas and the Dj’s that have residency with them. It is not a new thing for Dj’s to have residency in Vegas but it is an incredible honor and a sense of relief to be locked in to performing regularly at these clubs.

For Hardwell, well he likes to go above and beyond, on top of his residency at Hakkasan he has declared residency in Ibiza. The news came just recently after he sat down with the organizers and owners of the Ibiza party Yann and Ushuaïa to discuss the idea of residency and create a plan. As Hardwell states, “I knew this was the right choice. I’m really excited to be joining the Ushuaïa family and extremely excited to be bringing a completely new show to Ibiza this summer.” Every Tuesday starting June 24th Hardwell will perform his “I Am Hardwell” themed party on the island of Ibiza in Spain.

Honestly, it couldn’t come at a better time, with news of 40 new songs to be released into his arsenal of club bangers, it will be a rave to remember if you are lucky enough to see him perform in such a beautiful place at one of the most exquisite venues to date.

Hardwell's Residency In Ibiza Spain - Your EDM

-Chris Wood-