In an age where everyone is glued to their cellphones and spamming the internet with their selfies, the new generation has been busy on all fronts of social media giving rise to sites like Facebook and Twitter. Now a study has surfaced from the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival that dwells on the social activity of electronic dance music fans over the web. It tallies over 70 million posts related to EDM over the course of 2013.

This study was conducted by the online ticketing company for event organizers and promoters called Eventbrite and partnered with a social media analysis firm called Mashwork. Together, the two companies have gone into great depth on the booming relationship between EDM and its rising success. This study also gives a huge advantage to brands and other companies where to focus their products and how to do so towards the EDM social-media-philes. One such advantage is the usage of visuals or images to sell or advertise an event or product. The study says:

brands that emphasize visuals trends in their marketing and on their social channels can leverage this behavior to drive greater engagement with EDM Fans.

Check out the full study here or check out the visual conclusion Eventbrite put together below. Also leave comments on whether you agree with the study or not. 

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