Earlier this afternoon, American rapper Tyler, The Creator was arrested at an airport in Texas after the police issued a warrant for his arrest for “inciting a riot” at SXSW.

Police say the 23-year-old Los Angeles-based rapper encouraged a large crowd of fans at the show to push their way past venue employees into the venue, which was already at full capacity. Officers who were at the scene said that Tyler yelled for his fans to push their way inside, and that a bartender had to protect a woman from getting trampled in the process.

You may recall Porter Robinson going through a similar situation at Matador Music Festival in April of last year, when he was accused of “inciting a riot” and was nearly arrested, which was clearly nonsense. In Tyler the Creator’s case, it’s obvious that he was at fault.

Tyler is still in custody on a $3,500 bond.

Check out the video of the “riot” below.