One of the most terrific leaders of the progressive house and techno genres hails from Sweden, moved to Great Britain, and has now moved to Los Angeles for a little bit more than just a change in scenery. With his focus out on the United States, he has been pushing new music under his two major aliases while embarking on his EPIC 2.0 tour across North America (which includes mind-blowing holograms). The man known as Pryda, Cirez D, but more commonly Eric Prydz has just settled down in the land of the rich and famous known as Hollywood. For a man who is always working hard to please fans across the globe, at least he can now come home to his home on the most famous hills in the world. Prydz bought his new 5.3 million dollar home from legendary rockstar Tommy Shaw who was the guitarist and vocalist of the band Styx. Now, anyone can sit here and detail the wonder and marvel of the Hollywood Hills mansion Eric has recently acquired. But why not check the images below and see for yourself what luxury lifestyle looks like.

Eric Prydz House 2


Eric Prydz House 3



Eric Prydz House 4


Is this the guest room?

Eric Prydz House 5


My shower doesn’t even come with a view!

Eric Prydz House 6


This could be it’s own room!

Eric Prydz House 7


Oh my god…

Eric Prydz House 8


Is this a restaurant?

Eric Prydz House 9


I mean dat stainless steel doh…

Eric Prydz House 10


Is that a giant spoon by the stove?

Eric Prydz House 12


This is the best view hands down.

Eric Prydz House 13


There’s more?

Eric Prydz House 14


Nevermind. This is the best view.

Eric Prydz House 15


How do they keep it so clean?

Eric Prydz House 16


Prydz residence: The ultimate romantic getaway.

Eric Prydz House 17


A sauna?! Aww come on! Now you’re going to tell me he has an awesome pool too, right?

Eric Prydz House 18


I’m done.

Now that you have seen the entire palace de Prydz, let us know what you think in the comments or compare it with our previous articles on Avicii’s home here or Calvin Harris’s place here.