From incredible remixes for artists like The Crystal Method to promoting their #FREELIFE movement via sports-inspired videos, the Bixel Boys have truly distinguished both their art and sound as something extremely special and unique to anyone around. A few months back, the guys released their first video “Black December” consisting of various sports scenes of athletes who defined their mantra. Their newest visual, “Bring It On“, delves deeper into this story as it depicts the fab 5 from Michigan’s college basketball team that they describe, “were the embodiment of #FREELIFE”.

The Bixel Boys outline in this video that “it is not how old you are, it is how you can play”. This concept is the foundation of #FREELIFE and is a attitude the guys have stuck by ever since they began producing. Check their video below and also their ‘Bring It On EP‘!


Bixel Boys also invite you to join their “Bixel Vs. The World” Bracket Competition on ESPN. The top 3 winners will score a variety of swag including merchandise, tickets and some special yet-to-be-announced items!