Community is what pushes a scene forward. Why stop at a scene though? Aside from getting all you ravers the freshest gear around, dance music’s premiere brand, Electric Family have dedicated their efforts to helping charities with each and every item they release. Their reach extends outside of the dance community, but the strong comradery our scene expresses has allowed them to be so successful with their company. Some insanely dope shirts, hats, pullovers and of course, bracelets have helped along the way too. Now, they have even more to offer with their Spring line that just launched today.

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Everything from new hats, to t-shirts and tanks (that you can view above) this line has you covered for the warming weather. The thing I love about their merchandise is it’s stylish, yet classy. Nothing is over-the-top which can be said for other companies geared towards dance music. We know that Electric Family isn’t all about themselves though, so let’s move to the new items for Adventure Club.

Stay Gold

Stay Gold with Adventure Club is the mantra. You’ll be seeing it everywhere from now on I am sure. Given the duo’s success and their latest move being an anthem for Life In Color, they have a big year ahead of them. These new shirts and tees will be the the trademark for a golden year that will skyrocket their popularity even further than it is now. Electric Family and Adventure Club make quite the team.

For those looking to buy some of these items you can head over to their website that will be provided below. I suggest snagging some stuff for anyone, especially those going to Miami. Gotta look good at all the events right? What a better way to do that than give while you receive. Electric Family also has something else coming this Wednesday, so stay tuned for even more from the best brand out!

Electric Family Website