It’s a great day for bassheads everywhere, as Pegboard Nerds are back and better than ever! After releasing two hard-hitting electro bangers in a row (Bassline Kickin’ and their remix of Wonder by Adventure Club), Pegboard Nerds have made a triumphant return to dubstep, the genre that made me fall love with their music in the first place. There are many words that you could use to describe this track, but the first one that comes to mind for me also happens to be the most fitting: epic. The intro features a running bassline and pumping kick drums that seamlessly blend with Elizaveta’s passionate vocals, making me feel as though I’m about to head into Roman Coliseum for the fight of my life. While I’m generally not a huge fan of hardstyle, when used in moderation I think it can really add a lot of variety to your typical dubstep/trap tune; Pegboard Nerds are masters of this craft if you ask me (e.g., their remix of “Live For The Night” by Krewella) and “Hero” is no exception. The way that the hardstyle parts lead into some of the dirtiest dubstep drops I’ve heard in a while, makes for one truly incredible tune that you surely won’t be able to resist headbanging like a crazy person to.

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As a special treat, this track was used in a video of Superman doing what he does best, with a GoPro to capture it all in first-person glory. Unsurprisingly, the video has already gone totally viral and is quite the brilliant marketing tactic if you ask me; I mean the track is literally called “Hero,” it doesn’t get any better than that!