It’s always really exciting when we discover a producer that crosses into the production level of Soundlift and Andy Blueman; both of whom are arguably two of the greatest artists that Trance has ever seen. While incredibly rare, we have found that magical spark within two of Trance’s most underrated talents: Hiroki Nagamine and Emanuele Congeddu. Hiroki currently resides in Japan and has been quietly producing Uplifting Trance since 2010. Since the beginning of his career, his success has slowly, but surely been supported by Manuel Le Saux, Pedro del Mar and Aly & Fila. In fact, the Egyptian duo were so impressed with his sound that they personally selected his first official single of Saw as their Wonder Of The Year of 2013. Halfway around the world, Emanuelle Congeddu has been stunning audiences with his rich, compelling style of Uplifting Trance that flawlessly combines natural power with tender passion towards a revolutionary new style of Trance. He describes his unique sound as ‘Energetic Emotional Trance, which is, “an experiment, a fusion with classical Uplifting Trance and sweet melodies, wrapped together with an unbreakable seal of pure energy.” With only 3 years of experience, this Italian wonder has been heavily supported by Ahmed Romel, Roger Shah and Aly & Fila, who both chose his remix to Ico‘s Shimmer to be a part in their highly anticipated 300th episode of their FSOE radio show. Now, these two colossal titans have combined their forces into a euphoric Trance maelstrom with their brand new single, Namida.


The one aspect of this track that’s absolutely astonishing is the sheer level of talent that these two have accomplished in 3 years. They create entire sentient worlds within their musical constructs and their sheer capacity for visceral harmonic complexity is almost baffling to believe. Every note of Namida flows together with a blinding aura of angelic beauty and every single instrument is flawlessly arranged for an impossibly immaculate aesthetic appeal. One can instantly feel the heart and soul that these two implemented within its living, breathing melodies and its grand, overarching design is some of the most ambitious work we’ve seen in a long time. Their breakdown intimately immerses the listener in a woven world of child-like wonder and beauty, and its cinematic character completely reduces other Trance producers to shame. At the end of the piece, Namida unleashes a truly majestic melody that strikes deep within the core as the sudden jolt of overwhelming energy frees one’s soul from all inhibitions in everlasting magnificence. What we have here is a really special track that deeply impacted our hearts and these two individuals are the equivalent of modern day Mozart’s in Trance. These virtuosos are able to take today’s production standards and elevate them towards another dimension of climatic beauty and purity.

Emanuelle Congeddu and Hiroki Nagamine‘s breathtaking collaboration, Namida, is out now on Vital Soho via Beatport, so make sure you grab this awe-inspiring piece today.


Keep the music alive. -Q