Montreal producer Andru is without a doubt proving himself quickly with his eclectic production talents. Taking Adventure Club‘s hit single “Wonder” and flipping it over into a space trap dreamer. As soon as Leighton and Christian heard this one they scooped it up for the official remix EP for “Wonder”, dropping in April. Either way this insane track will have you vibing out on all the feels this gifted upcomer puts out there. Very chill vibes from this one and we can’t wait to hear what he has next.

Not only can Andru make some wicked remixes, but he can of course produce incredible original songs as well. “Fun” is another chill trap tune, falling somewhere between the sounds of Mr Carmack, and KOAN Sound. “Fun” features so many different styles and sounds, it creates a truly uplifting track with a surreal overall feel. Andru’s sound simply doesn’t easily fit within the bounds of genres, making it stand out and break the mold of EDM. If this one is any indication of what is yet to come from Andru, then 2014 holds as the time for this producer to make his mark.