Yesterday, Krewella released the official music video for their massive hardstyle/trapstep banger Party Monster and it’s even crazier than the song itself, Featuring a blonde dominatrix in a gas mask, some guy with one eye, cryptic symbols, sports cars doing donuts, actual donuts, Jameson, tons of sweaty headbanging action, this video has pretty much everything you can think and a few things you probably never wanted to think about as well like using a dildo to do graffiti.

Considering many of Krewella’s past music videos had powerful messages (e.g., Legacy, United Kids of the World, and especially Human), the over the top and seemingly random nature of the video came as a surprise to some people, who complained that they didn’t “get” the video. However, Party Monster is about raging like a crazy person until you’re completely soaked, your neck is sore, and your legs are numb the video took that idea and ran with it. One thing that this video and Krewella’s more inspiring videos have in common is that they force you to think. Even if it’s only about what the hell all the crazy stuff in the video means, or whether or not you even like the video in the first place, it serves to challenge your own perceptions, which can go a long ways towards helping you gain a better understanding of why you think the way you do. Yasmine touched on this in a rant on her Tumblr, which I’ve embedded below. Give it a read after you watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments!

A few words about the PARTY MONSTER music video
First of all thank you guys for watching if you have. It’s hands down my favorite video that we’ve ever made (with the help of some extremely talented friends of ours) and a lot of imagination/twisted minds went into creating it.
If you think it’s disturbing, creepy, and straight up bad, I have no issue with that sentiment. I actually think it’s refreshing that people who listen to our music and watch our videos have an opinion and can think for themselves. But if you call it pointless and act like it made no sense, you are demeaning the most rudimental value of art. Sometimes art exists only to encourage inspiration and stimulate the mind. What doesn’t make sense to you will change someone else’s life; what disturbs you to watch is someone else’s escape from reality. We knew the video would be polarizing, but we’ve gotten to a point in our musical careers where we don’t want our artwork to be tame anymore. Every piece of work we put out, every live show we play, all of it should be exploding with emotion and rage and sweat. What is the point in censoring life? I think putting people on the edge of their seat and making them feel uncomfortable is IMPORTANT. If you never leave your comfort zone you aren’t LIVING, you’re just EXISTING. So if you watch the video and decide you don’t like it, that’s totally and 100% okay. But always think WHY you don’t like it. Let yourself ask questions instead of glazing over facts. Why do certain things make you uncomfortable and how can you start breaking down your own barriers that you’ve put in place? Hope the video and these words help to inspire some of you, because it’s videos I watch, music I listen to, places I explore, and all of you that I meet & talk to that continue to inspire me.
One more side note, there’s a lot of goddamn symbols in this video. Some of them are meaningful to me/us, such as the deathly hallows symbol…others are just triangles and squares and shit. Not to say that triangles and squares aren’t meaningful, triangles are actually one of the most pure and fascinating shapes that help decode anything from nature to architecture to the anatomy of every living thing on the planet (think about the awesomeness of Fibonacci and the golden triangle). So for every Illuminati comment on YouTube, a kitten dies. Just kidding. That’s terrible. I love kittens