For some of you Monday is over, but not for me! Many of you still have Monday to finish too, but everybody still has the rest of the week, so I figured why not give you guys some more music to aid in making the week go by a little faster. And a little weirder too, because this collection of songs is not your ordinary bunch. Sure you will find something you like, hopefully all of it, but the musical myriad is definitely, at least, coming out of left-center field.

We start off in familiar territory with Codes deep house remix of “Rudimental.” It’s elegant, yet rambunctious enough to engage the listener in a meaningfully affective way. Next comes a remix from Robert DeLong who twisted “Just Say It” into a diverse instrumental glued together by the original vocals that run throughout the production. “Voodoo” originated from the combination of Mojek and ThisIsDA, who took to creating something both organic and unique. It is very Diplo-esque in style, for multiple reasons. The last single of the day actually comes to us from a video game. The Strike Suit Zero main theme got revamped into an underground rave anthem by Zardonic. To end the night, Quentin Hiatus has his new drum & bass album that just dropped today; some mad chill vibes coming from that baby! Nine songs total, plus the other four singles should have you covered for a bit!

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