Silverback‘s “King of the Jungle” is a spiritual successor to Knife Party‘s classic “Centipede” banger; just supplement centipedes for gorillas, add a ferocious second drop, and you’ve just stumbled upon one of the year’s most sensational tracks.

Fans of both tunes will find tremendous similarity in their NatGeo-like intro sequences, but this one takes on new territory with more segments, samples, and bone-SMASHING bass. ‘Jungle’ is memorable and whole with only its first drop, but the shocker followup obliterates all expectations one could hold reasonably hold for this rookie producer. The tempo drops with a savage uproar blasting overhead. Yet somehow, Silverback manages to rearrange the brutalized fragments of your ears back into place afterward with production that’s squeaky clean all around.

The free download comes as a token of gratitude from the Montreal bass monster to his “Gorilla Nation,” for reaching 10,000 likes on Facebook. King of the Jungle is also Silverback’s first original mix – show some love for this heavy prospect!